Policy Portal CFP: Policy Portal online at CJC — Coming Soon


The Policy Portal aims to provide a space for publishing timely research based on policy contributions and analysis. It is devoted to raising awareness of communication policy issues amongst Canadian communication studies scholars, facilitating discussion and analysis, and coordinating intervention. Watch for these articles online:

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CJC: New Editors


CJC is proud to inform readers of our new Editor, Chris Russill, who recently has taken up the reins of the editorship of CJC. Chris is an Associate Professor and Graduate Supervisor of the Communication Graduate Programs in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. For a number of years he has been active in environmental communication and has distinguished himself as an energetic and insightful researcher. For more on Chris Russill, please see . Joining him on his editorship are two associate editors: Melissa Aronczyk is currently an Associate professor at Rutgers and Mél Hogan is currently an Assistant Editor at the University of Calgary.

CJC is also proud to announce that Professor Leslie Regan Shade of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information has taken on the responsibility within CJC of Policy Portal Editor. Leslie has taught at a variety of universities and has pursued a focus on the social and policy implications of ICTs. More recently she has turned her attention to play policy.

Posted: 2019-05-13

Policy Portal CFP: Call for Papers


Canadian Journal of Communication Policy (CJC) Portal - Call for Submissions: Toward a Canadian Digital and Data Strategy

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CJC: Free Subscriptions to New Canadian Scholars

The Canadian Journal of Communication is reviving its "New Scholar Program." Through this program CJC will award a one-year free online subscription to new professors in their first year of a tenure track position at Canadian Universities.  
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CJC: New Books for Review


We have some new books available for review!

You can view the full list as well as request a book for review online.

With most titles, our book review editors can send you a copy for review.

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