An Overview of the Conference Reader

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For the round table, CIRCLE prepared a 140-page Conference Reader which included the agenda, biographies of participants, brief presentation outlines, an annotated bibliography on the theme, and most importantly, the results of a survey of CIRCLE members representing 14 different European countries on the prevailing definitions, policies, and other activities related to social cohesion in each country. The contents of the document are outlined below. The full Conference Reader is available free of charge from the CIRCLE Web site:


Part I: CIRCLE/CCRN Round Table Meeting 2000

Foreword by CIRCLE president, Ritva Mitchell
Welcome note by CCRN president, John C. Gordon

Part II: Agenda

Overall theme
Range and scope of the round table
Aims and expected results of the round table

Part III: Speakers' Biographies and Contributions

Keynote addresses
Opening Plenary - Exploring connections
Panel - Citizens versus consumers
Workshop A - Cultural participation
Workshop B - Trouble and conflict
Panel - Tending to society
Closing remarks
Panel - Global connections
Workshop A - Culture and quality of life in cities
Workshop B - Hearing the third voice
Closing Plenary - New directions for cultural policy research

Part IV: Country Reports

Introduction to the country reports & Questionnaire
Austria, Veronika Ratzenbock
Belgium, Els Baeten
Bulgaria, Lidia Varbanova and Anelia Dimitrova
Croatia, Sanjin Dragojevic
Finland, Ritva Mitchell
Germany, Andreas Wiesand
Greece, Hatto Fisher
Italy, Carla Bodo
The Netherlands, Eva Brinkman
Poland, Andrzej Sicinski
Spain, Jordi Pascual i Ruiz
Sweden, Gudrun Vahlquist
Switzerland, Christoph Weckerle
United Kingdom, Rod Fisher

Part V: Additional Papers

Dorota Ilczuk (The Institute of Culture, Warsaw), Cultural policy versus civil society in contemporary Europe [a brief outline of the study]

Part VI: Background Information

Web site addresses of CIRCLE members
Bibliography on the theme

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