Vol 27, No 2 (2002)

Making Connections: Culture and Social Cohesion in the New Millennium

Table of Contents


Rowland Lorimer
Nancy Duxbury


Nancy Duxbury
Keynote Address: How Will We Live Together?
M. Sharon Jeanotte, Dick Stanley
Identifying the Links: Social Cohesion and Culture
Jane Jenson
Is There Any Social Cohesion in the Bulgarian Multicultural Society?
Lidia Varbanova, Anelia Dimitrova
Social Cohesion in the United Kingdom: A Case Report
Rod Fisher
Culture, Connectedness, and Social Cohesion in Spain
Jordi Pascual i Ruiz
Sharpening the Lens: Recent Research on Cultural Policy, Cultural Diversity, and Social Cohesion
Greg Baeker
"European Original Fiction": A National Resource and Different Ways of Self-Representation
Celestino Spada
Cultural Consumption and Participation
John Foote
The Policy of the City and Cultural Action
Pierre Mayol
Canada's Contribution to the "Management" of Ethno-Cultural Diversity
Frances Henry
The Process of Pacification in Southeastern Europe: Challenges and Issues from a Cultural Point of View
Sanjin Dragojevic
Tending to Society, Tending to Yourself: The Roles of Culture
Terry Cheney
Social Cohesion and Cultural Policy in the Netherlands
Eva Brinkman, Cas Smithuijsen
Culture, Globalization, and Social Cohesion: Towards a De-territorialized, Global Fluids Model
John Hannigan
Global Governance, Global Culture, and Multiculturalism
Kazimierz Krzysztofek
Municipal Cultural Policies in Quebec
Michel de la Durantaye
"Little Supplements of LIfe": Urban Governance and Quality of Life
Colin Mercer
The Third Sector: Cultural Diversity and Civil Society
Catherine A. Murray
Exploring Sociocultural Evolution: Intensive Modality and the Promise of the Third Sector
Matko Mestrovic
Arts and Culture as Profit Centre?: A Martial Arts Lesson for Canada's Cultural Policy Warriors
Robin Higham
Comparative Cultural Policy Research in Europe: A Change of Paradigm
Andreas Joh. Wiesand


Making Connections: Culture and Social Cohesion in the New Millenium -- Final Program
An Overview of the Conference Reader
Canadian Cultural Research Network//Reseau canadien de recherche culturelle (CCRN/RCRC)
Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe (CIRCLE)

Biographies of Participants

Biographies of Participants
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