Vol 33, No 2 (2008)

Mediating Spaces

Cover Page

Lake Trout Monument, Great Bear Lodge, August 2003 ..... Peter C. van Wyck

The long abandoned Great Bear Lodge was once a popular fly-in fishing camp situated on the Leith peninsula, a little over 50 km southwest of Port Radium. It was also the site of a 5000' runway used by Eldorado Mining and Refining to receive materials from the south and to transport radium and uranium ores from the mines at Port Radium for processing at Port Hope, Ontario. It is still home to uranium contaminated soil and debris. And the fish.

Table of Contents


Mediating spaces
Kim Sawchuk


Bridging Urban and Media Studies: Jaqueline Tyrwhitt and the Explorations Group 1951-1957
Michael Darroch
An Emphatic Geography: Notes on the Ethical Itinerary of Landscape
Peter C. van Wyck
Mapping the Geography of Online News
Mike Gasher, Reisa Klein
"Parachute Journalism" in Haiti: Media Sourcing in the 2003-2004 Political Crisis
Isabel Macdonald
The Framing of Climate Change in Canadian, American and International Newspapers: A Media Propaganda Model Analysis
Jennifer Ellen Good
Sui generis: Tobacco Sponsorship Advertising and Canadian Campus Newspapers
Daniel J Robinson
Online Publishing, Technical Representation, and the Politics of Code: The Case of CJC Online
Michael Felczak, Richard Smith, Rowland Lorimer


“More and Better” Research? Critical Communication Studies and the Problem of Policy Relevance
Bram Dov Abramson, Jeremy Shtern, Gregory Taylor

Review Essay

Peter Ives on Gramsci's Politics of Language
Boulou Ebanda de B'beri


Projecting Canada: Government Policy and Documentary Film at the National Film Board
Peter Lester
Locating Memory: Photographic Acts
Matthew Tegelberg
Culture-on-Demand: Communication in a Crisis World
Henrik Bodker
The Roles of Public Opinion Research in Canadian Government
Gregory A.K. Taylor
By Way of Interruption: Levinas and the Ethics of Communication
Jason Hannan


Gaps in Canadian Media Research: CMRC Findings
Philip Savage
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