Vol 34, No 3 (2009)

Cover Page

Surveillance in Vancouver high schools. Image by Richard Smith, aka Flickr user 'smith.' Uploaded 2006. Made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Table of Contents


Kim Sawchuk


The Globe on Saturday, The World on Sunday: Toronto Weekend Editions and the Influence of the American Sunday Paper, 1886-1895
Sandra Gabriele, Paul Moore
Healthy Food Looks Serious: How Children Interpret Packaged Food Products
Charlene D. Elliott
Lorsque la moralisation ne suffit plus: l’alimentation à l’heure de la lutte au surpoids et des aliments fonctionnels
Karine Vigneault
When Mobiles Go Media: Relational Affordances and Present-to-Hand Digital Devices
Kirsty Best
Networked Publics: The Double Articulation of Code and Politics on Facebook
Ganaele Langlois, Greg Elmer, Fenwick McKelvey, Zachary Devereaux
Communicating with (Some) Canadians: Communication Rights and Government Online in Canada
Michael Felczak, Richard Smith, Geoffrey Glass
CCTV Surveillance and the Poverty of Media Discourse: A Content Analysis of Canadian Newspaper Coverage
Josh Greenberg, Sean Hier
From the "War on Poverty" to the "War on the Poor": Knowledge, Power, and Subject Positions in Anti-Poverty Discourses
Sandra Jeppesen

Research in Brief

Le “look” numérique des magazines de mode féminins canadiens de langue française
Pierre C. Bélanger, Véronique Desjardins


Limits to Liberalization: Local Culture in a Global Marketplace
Aysha Mawani
Interface://Culture - The World Wide Web as Political Resource and Aesthetic Form
Claire Harrison
Knowledge Workers in the Information Society
Gerald Sussman
How to Think about Information
Holly Thomas
The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting
Christine Mitchell
Communication and Empire: Media, Markets, and Globalization, 1860-1930
Brian Osborne
Lies the Media Tell Us
Jeffery Klaehn
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