Vol 34, No 4 (2009)

Race, Ethnicity, and Intercultural Communication

Cover Page

"Mustang Suite" was created by Dana Claxton, an interdisciplinary artist who works in film, video, photography, performance, aboriginal broadcasting, and pedagogy. She was born in Saskatchewan of Lakota Sioux descent, and now makes Vancouver, British Columbia, her home. For detailed information see http://www.danaclaxton.com.

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Race, Ethnicity, and Intercultural Communication
Faiza Hirji, Karim H. Karim


Uprising at Oka: A Place of Non-identification
Alexa Conradi
“Somebody Going to Get Hurt Real Bad”: The Race-Based Comedy of Russell Peters
Faiza Hirji
Urban Mediascapes and Multicultural Flows: Assessing Vancouver's Communication Infrastructure
Daniel Ahadi, Catherine A. Murray
Fear and No-fly Listing in Canada: The Biopolitics of the “War on Terror”
Kenneth C. Werbin
Dangerous Shortcuts: Representations of Sexual Minority Refugees in the Post-9/11 Canadian Press
Ainsley Jenicek, Alan D. Wong, Edward Ou Jin Lee
The Compelling Story of the White/Western Activist in the War Zone: Examining Race, Neutrality, and Exceptionalism in Citizen Journalism
Gada Mahrouse
Designing Monitoring to Promote Cultural Diversification in TV
Catherine A. Murray


Pundits, Pachyderms and Pluralism: The Never-Ending Debate on Multiculturalism
Karim H. Karim


Contributions and Challenges of Addressing Discursive Racism in the Canadian Media
Frances Henry, Carol Tator
Critiquing the Critiques about Media and Minority Research in Canada
Minelle Mahtani
Creating Anxiety: Setting the Stage for Intercultural Communication
Bernard Gauthier
Theorizing Multicultural Media As Social Capital: Crossing Borders, Constructing Buffers, Creating Bonds, Building Bridges
Augie Fleras
Embracing and Living World-Sense
Sheila Petty
Race and the Media: A Retrospective and Prospective Gaze
Yasmin Jiwani
Canadian Legislation, Regulations, and Guidelines on the Representation of Diversity
Katherine Bateman, Karim H. Karim
Other Research Reports on Issues of Race, Ethnicity, and Communication
Karim H. Karim


Minority Language Media: Concepts, Critiques and Case Studies
Jaffer Sheyholislami
Global E-Litism: Digital Technology, Social Inequality, and Transnationality
Tokunbo Ojo
Communicating in the Third Space
Michael Dorland
The Media of Diaspora: Mapping the Globe
Catherine A. Murray
Global Indigenous Media: Cultures, Poetics, Politics
Marian Bredin
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