Vol 35, No 1 (2010)

Cover Page

's front cover illustration by Matt Soar features Annette Verschuren, President of The Home Depot Canada and Asia, as seen in a QR (quick response) code. Similar to regular bar codes, QR codes are designed for commercial and retail stock management.

Table of Contents


Kim Sawchuk


Shut-Off: The Digital Television Transition in the United States and Canada
Gregory Taylor
Build It and the Women Will Come? WTSN and the Advent of Canadian Digital Television
Nicole Neverson
Busy Bee, Tough Mom, Farmer’s Daughter: The Canadian Business Press Portrayal of Annette Verschuren
Karen Grandy
Pragmatic Objectivity in Practice: Reading The Globe and Mail Columns of Christie Blatchford
Brian Turner, Judith Kearns
The Demonization of Aboriginal Child Welfare Authorities in the News
Robert Harding
Comparing Digital Divides: Internet Access and Social Inequality in Canada and the United States
Philip N. Howard, Laura Busch, Penelope Sheets
Exercising Agency in an International Socioscientific Controversy: The Use of Human and Material Agents to Assert Canada’s Sovereignty in the Arctic
James McDonald
The Royal Tour of 1939 as a Media Event
Mary Vipond


Beyond Vernacular Commentary: A Response to Minelle Mahtani
Sean P. Hier


Defiant Publics: The Unprecedented Reach of the Global Citizen
Kenneth Werbin
The Souls of Cyberfolk: Posthumanism as Vernacular Theory
Mark Bould
Through a Lens Darkly: How the News Media Perceive and Portray Evangelicals
Joyce E. Smith
HYBRIDS: Reshaping the Contemporary Garden at Métis
Erin Kathleen Despard
Global Journalism Research: Theories, Methods, Findings, Future
Mirjam Gollmitzer
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