Vol 35, No 3 (2010)

Cover Page

EMP blaster bug by Andrew Scott (2004). Acrylic on PVC gel and iron. Andrew Scott is an artist, musician, and sound designer from Vancouver BC. His work is inspired by biology, technology, and science fiction. His robot bugs are among his favourite works, as they were created solely for his own amusement.

Additional photos of Andrew's artwork may be found here. Andrew can be reached at uma@direct.ca.

Table of Contents


Kim Sawchuk


Financialization and the “Crisis of the Media”: The Rise and Fall of (Some) Media Conglomerates in Canada
Dwayne Winseck
From Social Celebration to Social Deliberation: The Rise of Liberal-Pluralist Symbolism in Ontario
James Cairns
Experts in the News: The Differential Use of Sources in Election Television News
Kathleen Ann Cross
La couverture médiatique des accommodements raisonnables dans la presse écrite québécoise : Vérification de l’hypothèse du tsunami médiatique
Thierry Giasson, Colette Brin, Marie-Michèle Sauvageau
Silent Alarm: The Mosquito Youth Deterrent and the Politics of Frequency
Mitchell Akiyama


Citizen Journalism in Burma and the Legacy of Graham Spry
Julianne Pidduck


Canadian Content: Culture and the Quest for Nationhood
Gregory Taylor
Media Production: Volume 3
Ezra Winton
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