Vol 37, No 1 (2012)

Media Arts Revisited (MARs)

Cover Page

In 2009 Toronto media artist, Nell Tenhaaf completed the interactive sculpture Push/Pull with her LoFi Lab team. This image is a detailed close-up of the surface of Push/Pull, highlighting the visible ends of optical fibre cable and the sculpture's sensuous use of copper wire mesh. Courtesy of Paul Petro Contemporary Art. Photo: Zev Farber.

Table of Contents


Media Arts Revisited (MARs)
Kim Sawchuk, Andrea Zeffiro


Research-Creation: Intervention, Analysis and "Family Resemblances"
Owen B. Chapman, Kim Sawchuk
Broken Tools and Misfit Toys: Adventures in Applied Media Theory
Marcel O'Gorman
The Xenotext Experiment, So Far
Darren S. Wershler
Dans un ordre, je balance un « u » pour ordure : le déchet comme « sans-part » dans une pratique artistique technologique
Gisele Trudel
Practice in the Flesh of Theory: Art, Research and the Fine Arts PhD
Natalie S. Loveless
Comobility: How Proximity and Distance Travel Together in Locative Media
Jen Southern

Research in Brief

Sensory, Sonic and Symbolic Features of a Collaborative Media Art Practice
Melanie Baljko, Nell Tenhaaf
New Old Things: Fabrication, Physical Computing, and Experiment in Historical Practice
Devon Elliott, Robert MacDougall, William J. Turkel
Multiplication and Division: Embodied Action in Digital Space-Time
Danielle Stock
Soundwalking and the Bodily Exploration of Places
David Paquette, Andra McCartney
Cryobook Archives
Tagny Duff
How Art and Research Inform One Another; or, Choose Your Own Adventure
Tara Rodgers

Research Overview

Reading/Writing Complicities
Boris H.J.M. Brummans
tickertext1: New Media Poetics of Occasion
Jason Camlot
Two Pebbles and a Poem: The Landscapes of the Mobile Telecoms Industry
Laura Watts
Practice Makes Almost Perfect: A Methodological Reflection
Andrea Zeffiro
Collaboration-led Research
Greg Elmer
Hip Hop as Methodology: Ways of Knowing
Charity Marsh
Art Work as Argument
Jason Edward Lewis, Skawennati Fragnito


I Guess You Had To Be There: The Making of Battle River Railway: The Movie
Darin Barney


Between the Photograph and the Poem: A Dialogue on Poetic Practice with Roy Miki
Kirsten Emiko McAllister
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