Vol 37, No 3 (2012)

Digital Life

Cover Page

Image courtesy of Loudmouth Printhouse, an Ottawa based, artist run, printing cooperative. Website: http://loudmouthprinthouse.com

Table of Contents


Editorial: Digital Life
Michael Dorland


Telling Our Stories / Animating Our Past: A Status Report on Oral History and Digital Media
Steven High, Jessica Mills, Stacey Zembrzycki
Blogging Homelessness: Technology of the Self or Practice of Freedom?
Barbara Schneider
Staying Socially Connected with Online Video Communication: A Case Study
Heather Molyneaux, Susan O'Donnell, Mary Milliken
The Firm Foundation of Organizational Flexibility: The 360 Contract in the Digitalizing Music Industry
Matt Stahl, Leslie Meier
La Dame de fer, la Bonne Mère et les autres : une analyse du cadrage de la couverture médiatique de certaines politiciennes québécoises et canadiennes
Catherine Lemarier-Saulnier, Mireille Lalancette


Nous sommes avenir / Share Our Future
Coalition large de l’Association pour une solidarité syndicale


Nous sommes avenir / à venir: The Voice of the We Yet to Come
Stuart J. Murray
La grève est etudiant/e, la lutte est populaire: the Québec Student Strike
Kim Sawchuk

Research in Brief

Content Analysis and Press Coverage: Vancouver's Cultural Olympiad
Duncan Low

Review Essays

Questions Concerning Biotechnology/ies
Lynne Alexandrova
Understanding Media Archaeology
Simone Natale

Book Reviews

Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Perspectives on Promotional Culture
Faiza Hirji
Feeling Canadian: Television, Nationalism, and Affect
Gordon Alley-Young
Mediated Society: A Critical Sociology of Media
Tina Sikka
Reality Television and Arab Politics: Contention in Public Life
Aziz Douai
Digital Solidarities, Communication Policy and Multi-stakeholder Global Governance: The Legacy of the World Summit on the Information Society
Joseph F. Turcotte
Orthodox by Design: Judaism, Print Politics, and the Artscroll Revolution
Dilyana Mincheva
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