Vol 38, No 1 (2013)

Media Manoeuvres

Cover Page

Loudmouth Printhouse is an ottawa based, artist run, printing cooperative. Website http://loudmouthprinthouse.com

Table of Contents


Michael Dorland


Public Benefits or Private? The Case of the Canadian Media Research Consortium
Marc Edge
Young Canadians’ Apprenticeship Labour in User-Generated Content
Tamara Shepherd
Without Favour: The Concentration of Ownership in New Brunswick’s Print Media Industry
Toby Couture
La marée noire dans le golfe du Mexique : Stratégies de BP pour restaurer sa réputation souillée
Pierre C. Bélanger, Laurent N. Benoit
The Pornography of Poverty: Reframing the Discourse of International Aid's Representations of Starving Children
Janice Nathanson
Oil in the Ether: A Critical History of Spectrum Auctions in Canada
Gregory Taylor

Book Reviews

Deadly Fever: Racism, Disease and a Media Panic
Kelly Bergstrom
Communication internationale et communication interculturelle. Regards épistémologiques et espaces de pratique.
Alvaro Diego Herrera
Canadian Television: Text and Context
Mark Howard Moss
Everyone Says No: Public Service Broadcasting and the Failure of Translation
Lydia A. Miljan
Seeing Red: A History of Natives in Canadian Newspapers
Matthew H. Tegelberg
The Ocean Ranger: Remaking the Promise of Oil
Rafico Ruiz
Les Cultural studies dans les mondes francophones
Martin Lussier
The Sweet Sixteen: The Journey that Inspired the Canadian Women's Press Club
Duncan Koerber
Netnography: Doing Ethnographic Research Online
Delia D. Dumitrica
Histoire sociale des technologies numériques de 1945 à nos jours
Léon Robichaud
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