Vol 38, No 2 (2013)

Media and Advertising

Cover Page

Loudmouth Printhouse is an Ottawa based, artist run, printing cooperative. Website http://loudmouthprinthouse.com

Table of Contents


Michael Dorland


The Perception of Political Advertising During an Election Campaign: A Measure of Cognitive and Emotional Effects
Pénélope Daignault, Stuart Soroka, Thierry Giasson
"The Coloured Lady Knows Better": Marketing the "New Century Washer" in Canadian Home Journal, 1910-1912
Anne-Marie Kinahan
"It's Not Easy Being Green": The Greenwashing of Environmental Discourses in Advertising
Jennifer Budinsky, Susan Bryant
Folk Media: Alan Lomax's Deep Digitality
Henry Adam Svec

Research in Brief

Mother Load: Parental-Status References in Canadian Business Magazines
Karen Grandy

Book Reviews

Alternative Media in Canada
Mike Paul Mowbray
Le pouvoir, c’est pas sorcier. Il suffit d’en avoir les clés
Évariste Dakouré
Enjeux des industries culturelles au Québec – Identité, mondialisation, convergence
François Demers
Habitus of the Hood
Murray Forman
MP3: The Meaning of a Format
Darryl Cressman
The Voice of Newfoundland: A Social History of the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland 1939–1949
Mark Bourrie
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