Vol 38, No 4 (2013)

The "Greening" of Communication

Cover Page

Loudmouth Printhouse is an Ottawa based, artist run, printing cooperative. Website: http://loudmouthprinthouse.com

Table of Contents


Michael Dorland


Media Ecology: Illuminations
Peter Zhang, Eric McLuhan
Of Excrementality: Ecanomie, Signification, and Autoimmunity
Tony Richards
Un–Black Boxing the List: Knowledge, Materiality, and Form
Liam Cole Young
La communication entre présence et absence : Une relecture sémiotique de la « querelle des images » et de la mystique soufie
Oumar Kane
The View from the Window
Jeff Heydon
“Gendering” the Self in Online Dating Discourse
Melonie Fullick
“Part of the University Lexicon”: Marketing and Ontario Universities, 1990-2013
Lindsay Carrocci Bolan, Daniel J Robinson
Classifying the Internet: Everyday Negotiations of Technology and Social Order
Delia Dumitrica
Global Formats and Canadian Television: The Case of Deal or No Deal
Ira M Wagman

Research in Brief

Rhetoric of Oil in Canadian News: Framed for Indigenous Care
Marcelina Piotrowski
Social and Linguistic Convergences in the Information Age
Gábor Szécsi
Public Opinion Monitoring by Provincial Governments: The Prevalance of Open Line Radio in Newfoundland and Labrador
Alex Marland


The Other Mobile TV: ATSC MDTV Broadcasting In Canada
Steven James May, Catherine Middleton


Authentic: The Politics of Ambivalence in a Brand Culture
Jenna Jacobson
Comics Versus Art
Kenneth C. Werbin
The Propaganda Society: Promotional Culture and Politics in Global Context
Jeff Heydon
Cross-Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada: Content Sharing and the Impact of New Media.
Brian C. Gorman
Connecting Canadians: Investigations in Community Informatics
Wendy Isobel Young
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