Vol 39, No 2 (2014)

Communication Tensions in Civil Society

Cover Page

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Table of Contents


Communication Tensions in Civil Society
Michael Dorland


“The Police and the Populace”: Canadian Media’s Visual Framing of the 2010 G20 Toronto Summit
Aziz Douai
Of Trojan Horses and Terrorist Representations: Mom Bombs, Cross-Dressing Terrorists, and Queer Orientalisms
Shoshana Magnet, Corinne Lysandra Mason
Canadian Advocacy 2.0: An Analysis of Social Media Adoption and Perceived Affordances by Advocacy Groups Looking to Advance Activism in Canada
Jonathan A. Obar
Homelessness: Emotion Discourse and the Reproduction of Social Inequality
Barbara Schneider
Communication and Health: An Interrogation
Charlene D. Elliott

Research in Brief

Gender and Genocide: A Research-Creation Project
Azra Rashid
Social Media in Remote First Nation Communities
Heather Molyneaux, Susan O'Donnell, Crystal Kakekaspan, Brian Walmark, Philipp Budka, Kerri Gibson


The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism
Michael Burke Christian
One Night on TV is Worth Weeks at the Paramount: Popular Music on Early Television
Kyle Devine
TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet
Theo Plothe
The Listener's Voice: Early Radio and the American Public
Kristin Hall
The Production of Modernization: Daniel Lerner, Mass Media, and the Passing of Traditional Society
Ali Karimi
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