Vol 39, No 3 (2014)

Analyzing Communication Strategies

Cover Page

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Table of Contents


Michael Dorland


Crisis Communication Response and Political Communities: The Unusual Case of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Duncan Koerber
Storylines in the Sands: News, Narrative and Ideology in the Calgary Herald
Shane Gunster, Paul Saurette
Do They Have What It Takes: A Review of the Literature on Knowledge, Competencies and Skills Necessary for 21st Century Public Relations Practitioners in Canada
Terence (Terry) Flynn
Human Trafficking and Media Myths: Federal Funding, Communication Strategies, and Canadian Anti-Trafficking Programs
Ann De Shalit, Robert Heynen, Emily van der Meulen
Fighting Change: Representing the Canadian Forces in the 2006-2008 Fight Recruitment Campaign
Janis L Goldie
(Mis)Representing the 2008 Prorogation: Agendas, Frames, and Debates in Canada’s Mediacracy
Johannes Wheeldon, Alex McBrien
McLuhan and I Ching: An Interological Inquiry
Peter Zhang
Temporality as Bergsonian Critique in the Advertising and Visual Art of Bertram Brooker
Adam Lauder


Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation
Jonathan Finn
Beyond Bylines: Media Workers and Women’s Rights in Canada
Lydia A. Miljan
The Internet Tree: The State of Telecom Policy in Canada 3.0
Martin Dowding
Technocorps : La sociologie du corps à l’épreuve des nouvelles technologies
Christophe Duret
Les caricatures de Mahomet entre le Québec et la France : étude comparative des journaux Libération et Le Devoir
Karelle Arsenault
Global Media Ethics: Problems and Perspective
Daniela Sanzone
A Right to Offend: Free Expression in the Twenty-First Century
Brian Gorman
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