Vol 40, No 4 (2015)

Digital Technologies and Social Transformations: What Role for Critical Theory?

Cover Page

Cover image by Loudmouth Printhouse an Ottawa based, artist run, printing cooperative. Website: http:/loudmouthprinthouse.com

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Digital Technologies and Social Transformations: What Role for Critical Theory?
Delia Dumitrica, Sally Wyatt


Big Data et quantification de soi : La gouvernementalité algorithmique dans le monde numériquement administré
Maxime Ouellet, Marc Ménard, Maude Bonenfant, André Mondoux
The Neoliberal Politics of “Smart”: Electricity Consumption, Household Monitoring, and the Enterprise Form
Anthony Levenda, Dillon Mahmoudi, Gerald Sussman
The Digital Economy and Variegated Capitalism
Luis Felipe Alvarez León
Les revendications médiatisées kanakes et les nouvelles formes d’engagement politique
Léonie Marin
The Appropriation of a Digitally-Augmented Agora: Field Study of the Structuration and Spatialization of an Issue Public in Urban Space
Claude Fortin, Kate Hennessy
Dissent and Resonance: #Idlenomore as an Emergent Middle Ground
Candis Callison, Alfred Hermida


The Medium is the Marketplace: Digital Systems and the Intensification of Consumption
Lee McGuigan, Graham Murdock
Les technologies numériques au prisme des approches critiques: Éléments pour l’ébauche d’une rencontre
Éric George, Oumar Kane


Making National News: A History of Canadian Press
Errol Salamon
The Global Intercultural Communication Reader
Daniela Sanzone
The Struggle for Canadian Copyright: Imperialism to Internationalism, 1842-1971
Claude Martin
Sharing Immigration News: A French-American Comparison
Anne Nadia Edimo
Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian Culture Online
Heather Osborne
Construire la nation au petit écran : Le Canada, une histoire populaire de CBC / Radio-Canada (1995 – 2002).
Robert Armstrong
Re-Imagining the Other: Culture, Media, and Western-Muslim Intersections
Ahmed Al-Rawi
Political Marketing in Canada
David McGrane
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