Vol 41, No 1 (2016)

Media Frames

Cover Page

Dennis Tourbin, October Fragments, acrylic on canvas, 1991.

© CARCC, 2016. Collection of Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University. Photo credit: Dany Custodio.

Table of Contents


Editorial: Media Frames
Michael Dorland


Getting It Right: Canadian Conservatives and the “War on Science”
Elyse Amend, Darin Barney
Images of Essence: Journalists’ Discourse on the Professional “Discipline of Verification”
Ivor Shapiro, Colette Brin, Philippa Spoel, Lee Marshall
Explicating the Values-Issue Consistency Hypothesis through Need for Orientation
Sebastian Valenzuela, Gennadiy Chernov
Cadrer les définitions du cadrage : une recension multidisciplinaire des approches du cadrage médiatique
Catherine Lemarier-Saulnier
Telecom Responsibilization: Internet Governance, Surveillance, and New Roles for Intermediaries
Mike Zajko
“Missed Opportunity”: The Oversight of Canadian Children’s Media
Natalie Coulter
Managing Dissent: Energy Pipelines and “New Right” Politics in Canada
Kathleen Raso, Robert J. Neubauer
« The Outlawry of War » ou l’autre débat Dewey-Lippmann
Dominique Trudel

Research in Brief

Can Media and Technology Help Make “Another World Possible”? Reflections from the Media@McGill Research Delegation to the 2015 World Social Forum in Tunisia
Stéphane Couture, Gretchen King, Sophie Toupin, Becky Lentz


The Internet and Canadian Politics: Journey into the Absurd
Terry L. Newman
“Recess Is Over, Students”: The Suburban’s Framing of Educational Issues and the 2012 Printemps érable
Jonathan Turcotte-Summers
Painting Terrorism: The October Crisis Canvases of Dennis Tourbin and the Lessons of Art for Political Expression under Watchful Conditions
Christopher Dornan


Public Service Media in the Age of Digital Networks
Gaëtan Tremblay


The Interological Turn in Media Ecology
Peter Zhang, Eric McLuhan


Journalism and Political Exclusion: 
Social Conditions of News Production and Reception
Terrine M. Friday
Harperism: How Stephen Harper and His Think Tank Colleagues Have Transformed Canada
Brian C. Gorman
Exchanging Terrorism Oxygen for Media Airwaves: The Age of Terroredia
Aziz Douai
Media Meets Climate: The Global Challenge for Journalism
Sibo Chen
Radio's New Wave: Global Sound in the Digital Era
Henry Adam Svec
Consumer Democracy: The Marketing of Politics
Michael Burke Christian
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