Vol 42, No 5 (2017)

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Readers: Implicit, Explicit, Gendered. Cover image by graphic designer Brian Hydesmith

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Table of Contents


Readers: Implicit, Explicit, Gendered
Michael Dorland


Negotiating What Constitutes Depression: Focus Group Conversations in Response to Viewing Direct-to-Consumer Advertisements for Antidepressants
Christine Babineau, Linda McMullen, Pamela Downe
Online Readers’ Comments as Popular Texts: Public Opinions of Paid Duty Policing in Canada
Alex Luscombe, Kevin Walby, Randy K. Lippert
Building and Protecting Organizational Trust with External Publics: Canadian Senior Executives' Perspectives
Natalie Doyle Oldfield, Alla Kushniryk
The Meanings of “Multicultural” in Canada’s 1991 Broadcasting Act
Kyle Conway
National Dreams and Neoliberal Nightmares: The Dismantling of Canadian Periodicals Assistance
Patricia W. Elliott
Rethinking the Cultural Icon: Its Use and Function in Popular Culture
Emily Truman
News as Hazardous Waste: Postmedia, the Competition Bureau, and the Supreme Court of Canada
Marc Edge
Canadian Indie Games Between the Global and the Local
Felan Parker, Jennifer Jenson
News Portrayals of Cyberbullying as the Product of Unstable Teen Technological Culture
Mylynn Felt

Research in Brief

“You Talkin’ to Me?”: The Implied Reader in Canadian Business Magazine
Karen Grandy
Modelling A Cooperative Approach to Open Access Scholarly Publishing: A Demonstration in the Canadian Context
John Willinsky


Hamilton Babylon: A History of the McMaster Film Board
Tom Kohut
Harold Innis Reflects: Memoir and WWI Writings/Correspondence
John Michael Bonnett
Journalism in Crisis: Bridging Theory and Practice for Democratic Media Strategies in Canada
Rob McMahon
The Multispecies Salon
Samantha Ashton Hogg
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