Vol 43, No 1 (2018)

Special Issue: Communicating Power: Energy, Canada, and the Field(s) of Communication

Cover Page
Photo credit: Warren Cariou, Bitumen Additive Pipelines, 2015.

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Table of Contents


Communicating Power: Energy, Canada, and the Field(s) of Communication
Shane Gunster, Imre Szeman, Matthew Greaves, Robert Neubauer


From Public Relations to Mob Rule: Media Framing of Social Licence in Canada
Shane Gunster, Bob Neubauer
From the Natural to the Manmade Environment: The Shifting Advertising Practices of Canada’s Oil Sands Industry
Patrick McCurdy
Oil’s Rural Reach: Social License in Saskatchewan’s Oil-Producing Communities
Emily Marie Eaton, Simon Enoch
Energy’s Citizens: The Making of a Canadian Petro-Public
Tim Wood
In the Corporate Interest: Fossil Fuel Industry Input into Alberta and British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Plans
Gwendolyn Blue, Shannon Daub, Zoë Yunker, Lise Rajewicz
Fuelling the Nation: Imaginaries of Western Oil in Canadian Nontheatrical Film
Rachel Webb Jekanowski
“Fighting the Same Old Battle”: Obscured Oil Sands Entanglements in Press Coverage of Indigenous Resistance in the Winter of 1983
Patricia H. Audette-Longo
Framing the Pipeline Problem: Civic Claimsmakers and Social Media
Maria Bakardjieva, Mylynn Felt, Rhon Teruelle
Power From the North: The Energized Trajectory of Indigenous Sovereignty Movements
Shirley Roburn


Animating Film Theory
Natalja Chestopalova
Crash to Paywall: Canadian Newspapers and the Great Distruption
Ryan Phillips
Objectivity in Journalism
Brian C. Gorman
Lost Sound: The Forgotten Art of Radio Storytelling
Ryan J. Mack
Critical Discourse Studies and Technology: A Multimodal Approach to Analysing Technoculture
Alicia Massie
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