Vol 44, No 2 (2019)

Mediating Disease Cultures

Cover Page
Part of Luke Jerram’s Glass Microbiology series, this sculpture is Untitled Future Mutation. This is a fictional virus, a future virus that has yet to be born. Has this virus been created in the laboratory or evolved naturally? Will the impact of this virus be of benefit or hindrance to humanity? (lukejerram.com)

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Mediating Disease Cultures
Sheryl N. Hamilton


The Microbiome as TED Knows It: Popular Science Communication and Neoliberal Subject
Penelope Ironstone
Measles, Mickey and the Media: News Coverage of the 2015 Disneyland Outbreak
Josh Greenberg, Gabriela Capurro, Eve Dubé, S. Michelle Driedger
Visualizing Ebola: Hazmat Suite Imagery, the Press, and the Production of Biosecurity
Neil A. Gerlach
Population Control, Deadly Vaccines, and Mutant Mosquitoes: The Construction and Circulation of Zika Virus Conspiracy Theories Online
Scott S.D. Mitchell
Antiviral Marketing: The Informationalization of HIV Prevention
Margaret MacAulay
Envisioning a Habitus of Hygiene: Hands as Media in Public Health Handwashing Campaigns
Sheryl N. Hamilton


Civic Media: Technology, Design, Practice
Leslie Regan Shade
Truth in the Public Sphere
Vincent Michael Colapietro
Tout artistes! Les pratiques (ré)créatives du Web
Maude Gauthier
Phenomenology of Youth Cultures and Globalization: Lifeworlds and Surplus Meaning in Changing Times
Tamar M. Faber
Reportères de guerre: Goût et coûts
Marilou St-Pierre
The Unfulfilled Promise of Press Freedom in Canada
Amanda Oye
The Routledge Companion to Media and Human Rights
Rhon Teruelle

Policy Portal 1: Editorial

"Let's Talk TV" and the Future of Television in Canada
Jeremy G. Shtern
The LTTV Consultations: Mapping Old and New Interests in Television Today
Mary Elizabeth Luka, Catherine Middleton
Jean-Pierre Blais' "Magic Items": Over-the-Air Digital Television Delivery as Canadian Regulatory Revelation
Steven James May, Catherine Middleton

Policy Portal 2: Editorial

Canadian Digital and Data Strategy
Leslie Regan Shade

Policy Portal 2

Political Bots: Disrupting Canada’s Democracy
Elizabeth Dubois, Fenwick Robert McKelvey
Searching for Data Privacy Self-Management: Individual Data Control and Canada's Digital Strategy
Jonathan A. Obar
Artificial Intelligence Policy Innovations at the Canadian Federal Government
Fenwick Robert McKelvey, Maggie Macdonald
Digital Literacy in Digital Strategy
Tamara Shepherd, Monica Jean Henderson
Lost in the App Store: The Political Economy of the Canadian Game App Economy
David B. Nieborg, Chris Young, Daniel Joseph
The Digital Divide and How It Matters for Canadian Food System Equity
Kelly Bronson, Irena Knezevic
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