Vol 16, No 3 (1991)

Politics, Culture, and Canadian Media

Table of Contents


Gertrude J. Robinson
A Message from the Book and Media Review Editor
James Linton


Measurements of Ethnicity and Competitiveness in Canadian Electoral Politics: The Gordon Sinclair Essay
Lydia Zajc
The News Media: Its Role as a Source of Information and News to Active Political Party Members
Condé Grondin, Deirdre Grondin
Of Mice and Monsignors: The Press and Canadian Policy Towards the Middle East
B.E. Burton, T.A. Keenleyside
Organization as Gendered Communication Act
Albert J. Mills, Peter Chiaramonte


The Videotex Industry in Québec: The Difficulties of Mass Marketing Telematics
Serge Proulx
The Structure of Advocacy: A Study of Environmental Rhetoric
Judy Z. Segal

Research in Brief

Culture and Media Use in Saskatchewan Indian Country
Joël Demay
TV, Values, and Culture in U.S.-Canadian Borderland Cities: A Shared Perspective
Stuart H. Surlin, Barry Berlin


Theology in a Digital World
Thomas A. Robinson
Persuasion: Theory and Research
Nikos Metallinos
The VCR Age: Home Video and Mass Communication
Jean McNulty
Macromedia: Mission, Message and Morality
Walter C. Soderlund
Pedagogy, Printing, and Protestantism: The Discourse on Childhood
Jacqueline Murray
A Sourcebook of Canadian Media Law
Mary Gerace Gold
Politics and Mass Media in Britain
Akira Ichikawa
Archival Gold: Managing & Preserving Publishers' Records
G. Mark Walsh
Communication Yearbook 13
Geoffrey Gurd
A History of British Publishing
Peter Desbarats
The Barefoot Channel: Community Televison as a Tool for Social Change
Don Richardson
Communication: The Canadian Experience
David Skinner
Questioning the Media: A Critical Introduction
Stuart H. Surlin
Rethinking Communication: Vol.1.Paradigm Issues. Vol.2.Paradigm Exemplars
Stuart H. Surlin
Communication & Culture: A Comparative Approach
Stuart H. Surlin
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