Vol 18, No 1 (1993)

Muted Voices: Canadian Communications Disputes

Table of Contents


Gertrude J. Robinson


Musings on Reason and Passion; or, Science and Politics in Ottawa 1992
Caroline Andrew
Camera Access to Courtrooms: Canadian, U.S., and Australian Experiences
James M. Linton
Strategic Planning for Issues Management: The Communicator as Environmental Analyst
Sherry Devereaux Ferguson
Conditions of their Own Making: An Intellectual History of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham
Norma Schulman

Research in Brief

The Role of the Media in Promoting Images of Disability- Disability as Metaphor: The Evil Crip
Marilyn Dahl
Atmospheric Ozone: A Global or Local Issue? Coverage in Canadian and U.S. Newspapers
Julia B. Corbett


The Persistence and Creativity of Canadian Aboriginal Newspapers
Joël Demay


Equivocal Communications
Tom Carney
"Miscommunication" and Problematic Talk
Tom Carney
Social Communication in Canada (Second Edition)
Robert Lake
Communication and Health: Systems and Applications: Vol. 2. Applied Communication Series
Geoffrey Gurd
Mass Communication and Public Health: Complexities and Conflicts
Geoffrey Gurd
Television and Women's Culture: The Politics of the Popular
Cynthia Carter
Scholarly Communication and Bibliometrics
Janet Carson
Telecommunications in Canada: Technology, Industry, and Government
Walt Romanow
Making Culture: English-Canadian Institutions and the Arts before the Massey Commission
Joan Nicks
Introduction to Communication Studies (Second Edition)
P. David Marshall
More than Meets the Eye: An Introduction to Media Studies
P. David Marshall
Canadian Studies in Mass Communication
Marc Grenier
Negotiating Control: A Study of News Sources
Robert M. Pike
Representing Order: Crime, Law and Justice in the News Media
Robert M. Pike
Communication and Control: Networks and the New Economies of Information
David Lyon
Canadian Dreams & American Control: The Political Economy of the Canadian Film Industry
Will Straw
Music at the Margins: Popular Music and Global Cultural Diversity
Chris Podmore
Popular Music and Communication (Second Edition)
Chris Podmore
Communication for Development in the Third World- Theory and Practice
Kent Sidel
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