Vol 18, No 4 (1993)

Table of Contents


Rowland Lorimer


Distinguishing Group and Cultural Influences in Inter-Ethnic Conflict: A Diagnostic Model
Audrey Habke, Ron Sept
The European Community and Audio-visual Culture
David Hutchison
From Literary Modernism to the Tantramar Marshes: Anticipating McLuhan in British and Canadian Media Theory and Practice
Paul Tiessen
Third Service, Third Network: The CanWest Global System
Paul W. Taylor
Canadian Press Coverage of the Ethnic Chinese Community: A Content Analysis of The Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun, 1970-1990
Jianming Ma, Kai Hildebrandt


In Defence of a Supposedly Outdated Notion: The Range of Application of Journalistic Objectivity
Gilles Gauthier
From Communications Policy to Trade and Industrial Policy: The Canadian State and Telecommunications Technology
Stephen McDowell
Cultural Development in an Open Economy
Stuart McFadyen


Communication, Technology and the Development of People
Susan and Joël Demay
Communication in Education
Esio Marzotto
Media Performance: Mass Communication and the Public Interest
David Pritchard
Global Communication and International Relations
Don Richardson
Video the Changing World
Don Richardson
Beyond the Printed Word: The Evolution of Canada's Broadcast News Heritage
Walt Romanow
Rock Formation: Music, Technology, and Mass Communication
Will Straw
News and Dissent: The Press and the Politics of Peace in Canada
David Taras
Common Cents: Media Portrayal of the Gulf War and Other Events
David Taras
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