Vol 19, No 2 (1994)

Table of Contents


Media, Elections, and Democracy: The 1993 Southam Lecture
Frederick J. Fletcher
The Beginnings of Public Broadcasting in Canada: The CRBC, 1932-1936
Mary Vipond
USA Today, The London Free Press, and the Rationalization of the North American Newspaper Industry
Shawn Berry
The Confrontation of Modern and Traditional Knowledge Systems in Development
Pat Howard
Intertextuality in Advertising Music on the Radio: The Case of CFOX-FM
Eric Spalding


Restricting Abusive Representation: A Case Study in Public Consultation Under the Charter
Ivan Emke
An International Conference Devoted to the Theme "Publishing and the Power Structure"
Jacques Michon


Stifling Debate: Canadian Newspapers and Nuclear Power
Andrew M. Osler
Men, Masculinity, and the Media
Ki Namaste
PR: Fifty Years in the Field
Walt Romanow
Interpersonal Communication
E.L. Donaldson
Media, Crisis and Democracy: Mass Communication and the Disruption of Social Order
Robert Hackett
Ethnic Minority Media: An International Perspective
Valerie Alia
Australia's Communication Futures
Jean McNulty
The Vulnerable Fortress: Bureaucratic Organization and Management in the Information Age
Sherry Ferguson
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