Vol 19, No 3 (1994)

Cultural Development in an Open Economy

Table of Contents


Stuart McFadyen, Adam Finn, Colin Hoskins, Rowland Lorimer


Of Culture, the Economy, Cultural Production, and Cultural Producers: An Orientation
Rowland Lorimer, Nancy Duxbury
Cultural Development and the Open Economy: A Democratic Issue and a Challenge to Public Policy
Marc Raboy, Ivan Bernier, Florian Sauvageau, Dave Atkinson
Cultural Industries Policy: Objectives, Formulation, and Evaluation
Paul Audley
The Environment in which Cultural Industries Operate and Some Implications
Colin Hoskins, Stuart McFadyen, Adam Finn
Trading in Culture: The Role of Language
Richard Collins
International Regimes for Trade, Investment, and Labour Mobility in the Cultural Industries
Keith Acheson, Christopher J. Maule
Copyright and Related Rights: The International Dimension
Keith Acheson, Christopher J. Maule
Cultural Development: State of the Question and Prospects for Québec
Roger de la Garde, Gaetan Tremblay, Michael Dorland, Denise Paré
The Participation of Aboriginal and Other Cultural Minorities in Cultural Development
Fil Fraser
Rethinking Audiences for Cultural Industries: Implications for Canadian Research
Liss Jeffrey
Marketing, Management, and Competitive Strategy in the Cultural Industries
Adam Finn, Stuart McFadyen, Colin Hoskins


Children and Television: Images in a Changing Sociocultural World
Richard F. Lewis
Framing Culture: Criticism and Policy in Australia
Alison Beale
Nation, Culture, Text: Australian Media Studies
Alison Beale
The Information Society: A Retrospective View
Ian Parker
The Beaver Bites Back?: American Popular Culture in Canada
Graham Knight
Communication, Culture and Hegemony: From the Media to the Mediations
Don Richardson
News and Dissent: The Press and the Politics of Peace in Canada
David Taras
Global Networks: Computers and International Communication
David Lyon
Canada's Hollywood: The Canadian State and Feature Films
Will Straw
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