Vol 22, No 1 (1997)

Table of Contents


Rowland Lorimer

Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial
E. Lisbeth Donaldson


Using Face-to-face Dialogue as a Standard for Other Communication Systems
Janet Beavin Bavelas, Sarah Hutchinson, Christine Kenwood, Deborah Hunt Matheson
Applications of an Interpersonal Communication Model to Educational Environments
E. Lisbeth Donaldson, Suzanne M. Kurtz
Gendered Evaluation Responses to Experiential Learning as an Adjunct to a Basic Communication Skills Course
Judith A. Rolls
Indicators of Permanence in Workspace Features: Perceived Importance and Relationship to Workspace Satisfaction
Sherry Devereaux Ferguson, Hilary Horan, Alexandra Maureen Ferguson
Meet Me at the Fair: Sociability and Reflexivity in Nineteenth-Century World Expositions
Manon Niquette, William Buxton


Deadlines and Diversity: Journalism Ethics in a Changing World
Stanley B. Cunningham
Talking Difference: On Gender and Language
Valerie Alia
Youth Culture in Late Modernity
Will Straw
Reconstructing Pop/Subculture: Art, Rock, and Andy Warhol
Will Straw
Media at War: Radio's Challenge to Newspapers, 1924-1939
Ross A. Eaman
The Social Semiotics of Mass Communication
Warwick Mules
El derecho la informacion: Relacion entre medios, publico y periodistas
Aviva Farbstein
The Global Information Society (Second Edition)
Alistair Duff
Whose Brave New World?: The Information Highway and the New Economy
Robert E. Babe
Rewind and Search: Conversations with Makers and Decision-Makers of CBC Television Drama
Ernest J. Dick
Turn Up the Contrast: CBC: Television Drama Since 1952
Ernest J. Dick
Nattering on the Net: Women, Power and Cyberspace
Susan Bryant
Organizational Communication: Connectedness in Action
Hilary Horan
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