Vol 22, No 3 (1997)

Scholarly Communication in the Next Millennium: Selected Papers from Canada's Policy Conference

Table of Contents


Editorial: Scholarly Communication in the Next Millennium: The Policy Agenda and Some Afterthoughts
Rowland Lorimer, John H.V. Gilbert, Ruth J. Patrick


Introduction: Scholarly Communication and the STM Serials Pricing Crisis
Rowland Lorimer
After Scholarship: Making Information Actionable
Roberta Lamb
Consumer Issues and the Scholarly Journal
Erwin Warkentin
Information-Seeking Practices of Canadian Academic Chemists: A Study of Information Needs and Use of Resources in Chemistry
Ruth L. Noble, Carol Coughlin
Human and Economic Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Electronic Journals by Readers
Fytton Rowland, Ian Bell, Catherine Falconer
Providing Links Among Government, Academia, and Industry: The Role of CISTI in Scholarly Communication
Margot J. Montgomery
The National Library's Role in Facilitating Scholarly Communications
Tom Delsey
Electronic Publishing in Science: Reality Check
Aldyth Holmes
An Evaluation for Scholarly Societies and Non-profit Associations: Self-publish or Go Commercial--Critical Issues for Boards and Managers
Walter Ludwig
Here there Be Tygers: Profit, Non-profit, and Loss in the Age of Disintermediation
Michael Jensen
On-line Journal Publication: Two Views from the Electronic Trenches
Jonothan Borwein, Richard Smith
Promoting Electronic Scholarly Publishing in Canada: Initiatives at Industry Canada
David Beattie, David McCallum
Faculty Perspective on Scholarly Communication
Kenneth Field
And What About Students?: The Forgotten Role of Students in the Scholarly Communication Debate
Richard Nimijean
Cyberhope or Cyberhype?: Computers and Scholarly Research
Marlene Manoff
A Prognosis for Continued Disarray in Electronic Scholarly Communication
George B. Newby


Scholarly Communication in the Next Millennium: Final Program
The Changing World of Scholarly Communication: Challenges and Choices for Canada--Final Report of the AUCC-CARL/ABRC Task Force
Scholarly Communication in the Next Millennium: Sponsors
Biographies of Participants
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