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Young adults’ privacy perceptions associated to their practices and uses of social network sites. The privacy paradox revisited. Abstract
Kwok Choon, Mary Jane
School of Medias, Université du Québec à Montréal
Becoming the Camera: Body worn video and shifting expectations of police work Abstract
Chapman, Jessica
Communication, Carleton University
Promoting Living Wage in Hamilton: A Comparative Case Study of Faith - Based Activism Abstract
Jayatunge, Sadhna
Communication and Culture, Royal Roads University
From Diversity to Cross-Culturalism: The Evolution of Human Resource Training within the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Abstract
Zanutto, Gina Marie
Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Tampere, Finland
Agenda Setting in English Canada in the Age of Minority Government, 2004-2011 Abstract
Ryan, Peter Malachy
Communication and Culture, Ryerson University
Framing Maya Culture: Tourism, Representation and the Case of Quetzaltenango Abstract
Tegelberg, Matthew
Cultural Studies, Trent University
Matter as movement: Exploring the role of movement in Henri Bergson and Bruno Latour Abstract
Piotrowski, Marcelina
Communication and Culture, York University
Re-covenanting and the Apology for the Residential Schools Abstract
Corry, M. Shivaun
Communication, Simon Fraser University
Women in the Margins: Media Representations of Women's Labour in the Canadian Press, 1939-1945 Abstract
Moniz, Tracy
Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture, York University and Ryerson University
Life-media for a wireless world: participatory democracy and the radio spectrum in Canada and Uruguay Abstract
Light, Evan
Faculté de communication, Université du Québec à Montréal
Post-modemism: the role of user adoption of teletext, videotex & bulletin board systems in the history of the Internet Abstract
McKinnon, Jay K
School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Social Net-working: Exploring the Political Economy of the Online Social Network Industry Abstract
Butosi, Craig
Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University
The Public Communication and Biopolitics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research in the United States and the European Union Abstract
Kamenova, Kalina
Graduate Programme in Social and Political Thought, York University
Citizenship, race, and nationalism in contemporary English-Canadian newspaper representations of Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians Abstract
Smolash, Wendy Naava
Department of English, Simon Fraser University
Reference to Weaponry in the Mass Media: A Study in the Loss Incurred in Translating the Terminology of Military Discourse Abstract
Hmidat, Nahawand Sameeh Ahmad
English Department, Al-Quds University
The Application of Social Media in the Mining Industry Abstract
Mullard, Zoe M
Department of Mining Engineering, University of British Columbia
The Translatability of English Profanity in Arabic Subtitles Abstract
Bhais, Eid Mohammad
English Department, Al-Quds University
Framing a pose in immortality: Discourse, Myth, Representation in the Death and Life of Eva Perón Abstract
Bejerman, Ingrid
Graduate Program in Communications, McGill University
Designing a Course in Cognitive Graded English to Enhance Communicative Competence in English at the Tertiary Level Abstract
R, Rajesh
English Language Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University
Beyond Categorization: Marshall McLuhan, Technological Determinism, and Social Science Methodology – a Reappraisal Abstract
Ralon, Laureano
Communication, Simon Fraser University
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