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Interweavement — Building a Crisis Decision-Making Model for Rational Responsibility in the Media: International Communication, Political Crisis Management, and the Use of Mathematics Abstract
Eid, Mahmoud
School of Journalism and Communication, Carleton University
Interactions Through the Screen: The Interactional Self as a Theory for Internet-Mediated Communication Abstract
Vieta, Marcelo A.
School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Aborigines Saved Yet Again: Settler Nationalism and Hero Narratives in a 2001 Exhibition of Taiwan Aboriginal Artefacts Abstract
Munsterhjelm, Mark Eric
Indigenous Governance Program, University of Victoria
Le Phénomène dialogique dans La Presse de Montréal et le Toronto Star lors des débats menant à l’accord du Lac Meech Abstract
Conway, Kyle R.
French Studies, York University
Shaping Policy Discourse In The Public Sphere: Evaluating Civil Speech In An Online Consultation Abstract
Hurrell, Anna Christine
Communication and Culture, Ryerson University
Describing the contemporary sound environment: An analysis of three approaches, their synthesis, and a case study of Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC. Abstract
Paquette, David
School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Delimiting democracy? Media representations of volunteerism Abstract
Grosenick, Georgina Corrine
Communications Studies, University of Calgary
Copyright at Home: Copyright and the Phantom Public Abstract
Bannerman, Sara
Communications, Carleton University
A Society that Asks for Better Journalism Abstract
Cappellini, Monica Susana
Journalism, University of Iowa, Iowa City USA
Virtual Communities and the Social Dimension of Privacy Abstract
Goldie, Janis L.
Faculty of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary
''Old People are Useless'': Representations of aging on The Simpsons Abstract
Blakeborough, Darren Dean
Communication and Culture, University of Calgary
Illness Narratives: Sharing Stories and Support Online: A Study of Narrative Resources and Identity in an Online Support Group for Multiple Sclerosis Abstract
Solomon, Monique de Boer
Faculty of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary
Serious feast: Vancouver foodies in globalized consumer society Abstract
Ambrozas, Diana
School of Communication, SFU
Is communication a basic human right? An intellectual history Abstract
Dakroury, Aliaa I.
Mass Communication, Carleton University
Copyright, A Property of Communication, A Link Between Creativity and Control Abstract
Patterson, Meera
School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Data Sharing Leads to Patient Caring?: Gender, Technology and Nurses' Caring Work Abstract
Sharman, Zena
Communication, Simon Fraser University
Marketing a Message: Harry Potter and the Role of Marketing and Publicity in Raincoast Books' Ancient-Forest-Friendly Initiative Abstract
Long, Siobhan
Publishing, Simon Fraser University
Representations of Poverty in Canada's Daily Press: An Exploratory Study of Contending Poverty Paradigms Abstract
Rafter, Kate
School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Promotional Communication and Reflexivity: Case Studies in the Media Politics and Problematization of Neo-liberalism Abstract
Greenberg, Joshua
Sociology, McMaster
Canadian Telecommunications Policy and the National Disaster Mitigation Strategy: Observing Wireless E9-1-1 Abstract
Gow, Gordon A.
Communications, Simon Fraser
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